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jual panaboard panasonic board UB-5335

jual panaboard ub-5335, Harga PANABOARD UB-5335   Harga : USD. 1.450 / Rp. 19.970.000.-

Panasonic Electronic Copyboard UB-5335 Plain Paper, B/ W, 2 Panel, Standard, 900X1262mm, Printer Built-in, Stand Original, Save in USB Flashdisk

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Product Overview

men jual Panasonic UB 5335 electronic whiteboard ( Copyboard) is 2 Screen Panaboard with an exceptional design as well as technologies for making your presentations interesting. It features a PC/ USB Memory Device function and ensures quality learning by keeping everyone focused on the lectures while saving notes as PDF/ TIFF directly on PC or on USB flash drive. The built-in printer of Panasonic UB 5335 Copyboard allows to simply print out notes or presentations thereby saving ample time from taking hand written notes. The electronic whiteboard in Ready Mode reduces the power consumption to 1/ 3. It also automatically turns off the unit power if not used in Ready Mode for an hour. Hence the Panaboard UB 5335 helps conserve energy resulting in minimum utility costs. It has a sleek design with a control panel for quick and easy operations and features a thick board of 70mm that can be mounted on any wall of a meeting room.

Outstanding Features

Features a Panel dimension of ( H x W) ( 35.4 x 49.7 inches) 
Thickness of board; 70mmï ¿ ½ PC/ USB Memory Device function for saving notes
Store data in flash drive as PDF/ TIFF
Features a built-in printer that prints out almost nine copies one after the other at a time
Reduces power consumption to 1/ 3 in Ready Mode
Turns off unit automatically if not used for one hour in Ready Mode
Consists of a control panel for ease in carrying out operations

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